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See How Much Better Your Pool Can Be with Pool Heating in Gold Coast

Whether you’re considering installing a swimming pool or already have one, but can use it only during the summer, you may want to take a closer look at your options for pool heating in Gold Coast. A swimming pool can enhance your home and garden by entertainment, exercise, and aesthetic appeal. You can maximise your swimming season by choosing a swimming pool heater in Gold Coast to keep your pool water warm and comfortable year-round. The Pool Heating Company offers pool heating pumps and solar pool heating. Here is a closer look at each.


Benefits of Solar Pool Heating in Gold Coast

One option you have is a solar pool heating system. Swimming pool solar systems are durable, cost-effective ways to heat your pool and are easy to maintain. Here are a few of the benefits of this type of pool heater. 

  • An environmentally-friendly choice. Because solar pool heaters don’t use electricity, they are easily the eco-friendliest choice when it comes to warming your water. Enjoy comfortable swimming while you do your part to save the planet with this type of heater. 
  • Lowest running costs. Your solar pool heating system receives its energy directly from the sun, so the operating costs to you are low. The more sunlight your pool area gets, the more your solar heater will be able to heat the water, so choose an optimal location if you’re installing a new pool. 
  • Extend your pool use up to nine months out of the year. Although an electric heater can extend your swimming season year-round, a pool solar system can still spread your swimming days throughout at least nine months out of 12. That’s a great return when you consider the other benefits of solar heaters. 


What Sets That Pool Heating Company Apart Regarding an Electric Pool Heater in Gold Coast

You have several options for pool heaters, but when you come to us you can expect the following:

  • As an Australian family-owned company, we are proud to offer Australian made products, designed for use in the unique conditions common here.
  • We don’t just offer a single heating option because every pool and home are unique with their own needs. Our options will include one that will meet those needs.
  • Our extensive experience always comes into play, whether in the advice we offer for your pool or in the repairs we perform should there be an issue


About The Pool Heating Company

For many years, The Pool Heating Company has been operating in the Gold Coast, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba areas. We are a family-owned company dedicated to providing the very best in customer service and quality products – and our 15-year warranty speaks for itself. Get ready to enjoy at-home swimming anytime you want – contact us today to learn more.


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