Pool Heating Options

Whatever your reasons for using your pool, we have a pool heating solution right for you.
There are a range of options for heating your pool. The best solution for you depends on what you want from your pool, the size, location, positioning within your grounds.
For example a pool that is well sheltered can maintain its heat better as is is not getting cold winds across the surface as much in winter months. A house that is well shaded with tress would no always be suitable for solar pool heating and we would suggest a pool heat pump.

Benefits of Solar Heating

  • Most environmentally friendly
  • Lowest running costs
  • Extend pool use up to 9 months 
  • Up to 15 yr warranty
Pool Solar Systems are a low cost way to heat your pool with extremely low operating costs. They are easy to maintain, it is important that your chemicals are correct to help prolong the life of the collector. Most systems last up to 20 years!
The amount of heat they can absorb and increase of your pool temperature depends on a few key thing.
  1. The quality of the collector installed
  2. The locations of the collector, the more sunlight it gets in a day the more it can heat your pool.
  3. The amount of collector that is laid in comparison to the size of your pool. 

Benefits of Pool Heat Pumps

-High energy efficiency -50-80% lower running costs than gas  -Run all year around
Reliable, efficient and more economical than gas or electric heating, heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air, using that to heat your water.
As the weather cools down, the heat pumps do need to work harder to heat the water compared to the summer months.
They are very quiet, come with wifi capabilities and easy to use. Set your temperature to what you would like and the heat pump will do the rest!
So whatever your requirements get in touch with us. Covering the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Tweed Heads and beyond. We can also assist with pool heating services and repairs as well as installations and replacements, solar pool heating hail damage, and much more.

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If you have any questions about the best solar heating system and other pool accessories for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We can offer free advice and a quote to get you on your way to enjoying your pool all year round. Send us a message online or call 0416 484 599. We cover The Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Toowoomba and in between, whatever your pool heating requirements we can help!

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