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That Pool Heating Company Offers Our Services in Toowoomba

That Pool Heating Company is proud of the quality and professionalism of the services our family-owned business offers with pool heating in Toowoomba. A pool can become the focal point of your family’s outdoor recreation, but even in the height of summer, you might need to add heating to make it comfortable for every user. If you want to get any use out of your pool during other seasons, a heater is a vital accessory. Our experienced team has dealt with every type of pool heater from solar heating to heat pumps and pool covers.


Benefits of Solar Pool Heating in Toowoomba from That Pool Heating Company

A swimming pool is a fantastic asset to have on your property, especially during the Gold Coast area’s hot summer months. It provides almost unlimited entertainment and a boost to physical activity that we all could use. Using your pool outside those scalding summer months requires a heater, but these can be expensive to operate. A solar pool heater might be a better option, offering the following benefits:

  • A solar heater extends the months that you can comfortably use your pool to at least nine months a year. When used in conjunction with a pool cover, this period can even be extended. 
  • Our solar heater systems pump the water through small pipes set on your roof where the rays of the sun heat it before it returns to your pool. With the digital controller, you can set your desired temperature so it will automatically turn off at the ideal temperature.
  • Our warranty on all our products is 15 years, but the solar systems have a lifetime of 20 years. That means 20 years of the most cost-effective way of heating a pool when energy costs are only rising. The savings compared to other options can be substantial.

What Sets That Pool Heating Company Apart Regarding an Electric Pool Heater in Toowoomba

You have several options for pool heaters, but when you come to us you can expect the following:

  • As an Australian family-owned company, we are proud to offer Australian made products, designed for use in the unique conditions common here.
  • We don’t just offer a single heating option because every pool and home are unique with their own needs. Our options will include one that will meet those needs.
  • Our extensive experience always comes into play, whether in the advice we offer for your pool or in the repairs we perform should there be an issue.

What Customers Stand to Gain if They Use That Pool Heating Company

When you come to us for a swimming pool heater in Toowoomba, you will open up the use of your pool to the months when the summer sun is not beating down and warming the water for you. The extra enjoyment you and your family can get out of your pool during these months will create cherished memories and help to keep everyone in better physical shape. With our 15-year warranty, you gain the peace of mind, knowing that if there is an issue with the heater, we will handle it. Contact us today to learn more about our heating options and find the perfect solution to suit your pool.


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