The world’s largest PVT system has been installed at the University of Queensland!

These innovative 326 Dualsun panels from Supreme Heating harness the rays of the sun to provide both electricity and heating to the 3 pools at University of Queensland’s Aquatic Centre. The installation of these panels have been able to provide The University of Queensland with an initial 90% offset of all associated heating costs.

Did you know solar panels are not as effective when they are subjected to extreme heat? The Dualsun panels keep the internal heat exchanger safe from UV radiation, which makes them more efficient at utilising that heat for heating the pool water.

A huge thank you to Michelle our office manager for holding the fort during this huge project, Nick Harman the business owner who has aged considerably  our installers Nick, Conor, David, Nick B, Nick Q ( yes we have a lot of Nicks) and Tom. And of course our superstar Dee who most of our customers will know, petrified of heights but completed her working at heights training to get on the roof and get stuck in.

Thank you also to the team at Supreme Heating for the support and when allowed to travel coming to help and also help with the residential installations so we didn’t fall behind on our customer service.

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