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Our Heatseeker VortexC commercial heat pump range is designed to cope with the demands of aquatic facilities, regardless of size and location. Our VortexC inverter heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat a commercial pool with low operating costs.

We feel that with our vast experience in pool heating, a host of commercial experience and the world’s largest PVT installation recently completed, this places us in a unique position to help advise and assist in creating cost effective and sustainable commercial pool heating solutions. Covering from Coffs Harbour to Bundaberg with a vast team on the road in Queensland,we are able to service and assist our customers in a timely and expert manner. Specialising only in pool heating, completing thousands of installations each year, we have great knowledge and understanding of the industry and products, allowing us to be the experts in our field.

From residential, to body corps, government swimming schools and council facilities, we are a trusted company and strive to provide the absolute best service in the pool heating industry in Australia.

That Pool Heating Company are dedicated to providing innovative, renewable & sustainable solutions, specialising in pool heating, hot water and solar electrical applications.

We are committed to enhancing people’s lifestyles and the pursuit of a sustainable future. We do this by delivering superior expertise, quality products and fantastic customer service.

Our objective is to supply pool heating, hot water and solar electrical applications that deliver practical solutions. Expertise and support are provided to our customers on how to best use these products to maximise efficiencies and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. Business is conducted with honesty, integrity, respect, transparency and passion.

Our commitment to our employees and customers, together with our passion for providing innovative, renewable & sustainable solutions has been the foundation of our success and will continue to drive us for years to come.

We recognise the importance of understanding socio-demographic drivers in the community and responding through the provision of social and recreation assets. Swimming pools require a culture that not only supports continuing transformation, but one that is sustainable, adaptable and durable.

Environmental sustainability and responsiveness are essential to meet the highest performance standards for living and working. Sustainability is no longer an optional extra, but a fundamental aspect of functional design. Great design creates ongoing value for people and communities while minimising costs over time.

Value is also realised in the form of reducing operating expenses. Within the current environment of spiralling utility costs, we look towards innovation for the next generation solutions.

Recent Commercial Pool Heating Installations

Along with thousands of residential homes our products have been installed at commercial locations;

The Star Casino Gold Coast

Koko Apartments

Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Southern Downs Regional Council

Bundaberg Regional Council – Installation of Heatseeker Plus Solar Pool Heating, Dual Sun Panels & Heat Pumps for ISIS memorial pool

Santana Holiday Resort Apartments

Wellington Manor Retirement Village

University of QLD

Middle Ridge State School

Scarborough State School

Majestic V Surfers Paradise Apartments

Commercial Pool Heater FAQ

Heatseeker Vortex Link

This optional extra is the perfect addition to heat pumps installed in line with the filtration system.
It allows the heat pump to run outside of the timers set by sanitation, giving a full automatic heat demand.

What Is Inverter Technology?

Similar to a variable speed swimming pool pump it maximises energy efficiency, keeping running costs down.

What Does COP Mean?

This is simply a way to measure energy efficiency, used to compare heat pump performance. The higher the COP the less energy used.

Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant

Control your heat pump anytime from anywhere. Easily control and manage off the iOS & Android App

The variable speed compressor only draws the power it needs based on your pool heating requirements

Heating and cooling capabilities. Ideal for pools that get too hot during the summer months

The Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer


An all in one system for autonomous control of heat pumps in line with the filtration system. This unit permits the heat pump to run outside of filtration hours set by sanitation timers allowing for full automatic heat demand.

Optional extra.

Vortex Switch


A plug and play automation unit recommended for heat pump systems with independent circulation pumps. Can be fitted during the installation of the heat pump, meaning no additional hassle or explanation required for the electrician.

Optional extra.

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