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Do you want to make the most out of your swimming pool and extend your swimming season with pool heating? If so, our range of Solar Pool Heating options have you covered! Small roof space, irregular shaped roof or cockatoo proof solar pool heating, we have a pool heating solution for you. All our products are made in Australia come with a 15 year warranty.

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Solar Pool Heating Products

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Heat Seeker Plus Solar Heating

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Heat Seeker Plus Solar Heating

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The Pool Heating Company’s values are to provide customers with the very best advice on pool heating options, and products that are not only the best on the market, but are affordable and suitable for your needs. Perfect for your swimming pool, solar heater solutions are sourced from Australian manufacturers with decades of experience in providing products of the highest quality and durability, built for the Australian climate.

The Benefits of Solar Pool Heating Systems in Brisbane

A swimming pool is a fantastic asset to have on your property—especially during Brisbane’s hot summer season. However the cooler seasons often see many pools unusable, this is where The Pool Heating Company can help.

We supply and install solar pool heating around Brisbane. Our Solar Pool Heating options use the sun to heat your pool, making it the most cost effective way to heat your pool.

Just some reasons people in Queensland are making the switch to a pool with solar heating:

Most cost effective way to heat a pool

Automatic temperature control

Lasts 20 years

Save on energy bills

Extends pool use by up to 9 months a year, longer if using a pool cover

Solar Pool Heating, is without a doubt the most cost effective way to heat your pool. It is using energy from the sun which is free.

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Typically in this area, usage from a pool that is unheated would sit around 4.5-5.5 months, with a properly fitted solar pool heating system this would be around 8-10 months. Use of a pool cover can extend this season further.

We’re experienced in providing solar heating for pools in Tweed Headssolar heating for pools in Toowoomba and many other hot spots across Queensland.

How Much Does Pool Solar Heating Cost To Run?

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The initial set up costs and installation depend on the size and set up of your pool, but prices start at around $2500. Unlike other pool heating systems, solar pays for itself in a few years, the running costs are minimal so you don’t need to worry about excessive energy bills.

Solar Pool Heating Prices are worked out on on your pool surface area. We recommend 100% coverage. This means if your pool is 6m x 4m, we would advise 24m2 of solar pool heating is installed.  For an exact quote please get in touch.

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There are two types of solar pool heating systems available from The Pool Heating Company. Both options are easily fitted to any shaped roof, and good for smaller roofs to maximise coverage. Ultimately the biggest influence to your pool temperature is the exposure to the sun. We get our Solar Pool Heating Products from Boss Solar. They are industry experts in manufacturing.

There are a range of solar pool heating options and products on the market. The basic principles are generally the same, the system operates by taking water from the pool, circulating it through the collector on your roof, using the sun’s energy to heat, and then returned to the pool.

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A digital controller is set to your desired temperature and the system automatically comes on and off sure the hours the sun is on the collector. It is important that a solar heating system is the right size and not too small to ensure maximum heating efficiency.

pool heating costs

Pool Heating Warranty

Solar pool heating can be expected to last 15-20 years, and do not require much maintenance. It is imperative that the pool is chemically balanced, and we advise to get the system serviced every 12-18 months.

Apart from having a heated pool and being able to extend your pool season, the biggest benefit of using solar pool heating for your pool heating system, is cost savings.

Many of our clients want to heat their pool so their family can get more enjoyment out of it, but they don’t want the large electricity bill! A swimming pool solar heater can heat your pool economically and it is environmentally sustainable.

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All of our swimming pool solar products are Australian made. They are made from only the best quality products and are all quality tested. If you are looking for solar pool heating for your pool in the Brisbane or surrounding areas then you have peace of mind that we have the expertise and experience to help you with your pool heating. If you are looking for swimming pool heat pumps to give you year-round swimming options, we also have you sorted. We can also assist with a range of efficient pool covers to keep leaves out and the heat in.

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If you have any questions about the best solar heating system and other pool accessories for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

We can offer free advice and a quote to get you on your way to enjoying your pool all year round. 

That Pool Heating Company – Pool Heating Brisbane

Why not take advantage of our beautiful sunshine state? The use of solar power is one of the most cost-effective, energy-efficient ways to run your services. Over the years, we have seen its popularity throughout Brisbane, skyrocket, and for a good reason, solar-powered pool heating is no exception. No longer is backyard fun and the use of your pool a seasonal activity, with our solar pool heating solutions the fun can continue – all year round. At That Pool Heating Company, we are experts in all facets of pool heating and accessories, and with that, we have built a strong reputation around Brisbane for being the best in the business. Have complete control and create the ultimate temperature and environment without those pesky direct operational costs. More fun with your loved ones and guests while saving money – what more could you ask for! Swimming is a fantastic activity for all and is an excellent source of entertainment, exercise and relaxation. You can now extend the amount of precious time you can spend in your pool and with the use of renewable energy through solar pool heating, avoiding the refreshing water due icy temperatures is now a thing of the past! Soaking up the sun’s rays has never been more beneficial or cost-effective! Brisbane solar pool heating offers an array of benefits to not only your pockets but also to the overall swimming experience.

Boost the value of your pool and take advantage of the countless benefits available. Some of these advantages include:

  • Reliable system
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower power bills
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ultimate temperature control and comfort
  • Extended swimming opportunities
  • Quiet
  • Low maintenance
  • Add value to your pool investment


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As a family-run and operated business, specialising in all aspects of solar pool heating Brisbane, That Pool Heating Company has been proudly caring for and servicing the needs of Brisbane, Queensland, residents for many years. We are dedicated and passionate about the exceptional work and customer service that we offer, and we are backed by our consistent, guaranteed customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the best possible solar pool heating solutions and provide only the best quality in terms of products and workmanship. Our family-owned business is known for providing exceptional quality solar pool heating Brisbane models alongside excellent customer service. Expect a warm smile and a friendly handshake as we arrive eager and committed to complete every job. No job is too big or small, and there is nothing That Pool Heating Company can’t handle. If you have any questions about the best solar pool heating system Brisbane contact our team today and we will provide the ultimate solution for you! Expert free advice and transparent quotes to get you on your way to enjoying your pool all year round. Looking after the needs of Brisbane and its surrounds, whatever your pool heating requirements, we can help! Simply give us a call, send us an email or contact us via our quick and easy online enquiry form.

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Jon Broughton
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Brett Beacham
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Clinton Torrisi
Great company to deal with from start to finish. Provided information and options available to best suit my requirements. Josh carried out the installation and was more than willing to ensure that I was happy with the end result. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to heat their pool.
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Anna and Todd Bolton
A very professional and knowledgeable company. They were very efficient and gave us all the positives and negatives of our options. Kate, Dee, Josh and Steve were all a pleasure to deal with. A great family business!
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Justin Darney
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Adrian Jones
Professional service, on time at a great price. Josh and Steve, who did the install, were very knowledgeable and did a great job.
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Paul Cormack
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