HI-FLO Performance

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Hi-Flo Solar Pool Heating Roof Collector
HI-Flo Performance Solar Pool Heating - Tubing

HI-FLO Performance is a premium level solar pool heating collector providing improved chemical and UV resistance compared to traditional profiles. Thanks to the innovative and unique MULTILAYERED technology (layered materials) with smaller gaps between the tubes, HI-FLO Performance has been specifically designed to heat 75% more water compared to standard collectors on the market.

Adding more exposure to solar radiation, HI-FLO Performance harnesses the sun’s free energy to heat your pool and all at exceptionally low running costs, with no greenhouse gas emissions or impact on climate change. The highly efficient solar collector can increase your pool temperature by more than 10°C, doubling your summer fun and giving you maximum enjoyment from your investment.

Climate Care Certified

HI-FLO Performance combines all the best features into one superior product.

Hi-flo Pool heating performance - Pool

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