What To Look for In the Best Pool Heat Pumps

There are a few things to look for when choosing a heat pump for a swimming pool. The first is space and size.
How much space do you have for a heat pump? Generally heat pumps need good clearance for the cold air that they expel. If you are short of space then a top venting heat pump.

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What size heat pump do you need for your pool?

This is the most important thing to consider when investing in an electric heat pump for your pool. Heat pumps are very similar to air conditioner units, if you have one that is too small it will work extremely hard all the time and struggle to get you to the temperature you require. It is so important to not undersize a heat pump. Generally speaking we work out the size you need based on the pool volume. BUT there are other very important factors. Do you get much sun on the pool, is it inground, is there a water feature? All of these things will affect the heat pump size you need for your pool. Get in touch with us for free quote and advice on what heat pump size is suitable for your pool. We cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Tweed Heads

Do you need a pool cover with a heat pump?

This is the most common question we are asked. In short – YES, but only over the cooler months. If you dont use a cover in the cooler months your pool will loose the heat each night and struggle to keep up. If you cannot use a pool cover then we would suggest upsizing the heat pump unit by 2-3 sizes to help with this heat loss in the winter months. Just be aware the running costs of a heat pump with no cover can run into thousands of dollars.

If you don’t want a cover and don’t want to use the pool in the winter then Solar Pool Heating may be more suitable for you, as this will give you up to 9 months a year swimming with no running costs to be concerned about, and as solar heats water 3 times faster than a heat pump, it can regain your water temperature each morning much quicker.

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Coefficient of Performance?

Often referred to simply as “COP” or “C.O.P.”, the coefficient of performance is how we compare the energy efficiency of a heat pump. The higher the COP rating the less it will cost to run.

A heat pump’s coefficient of performance will vary depending on the ambient temperature around it. When manufacturers advertise a heat pump’s COP, it is shown in ideal conditions. It is important to remember that external factors like humidity and air temperature will change the COP rating.

Operating Range Temperatures

Some heat pumps don’t operate in low temperatures or have defrost mode. So if you are in an area that gets cold overnight in the winter it’s important to check that the heat pump can operate in these temperatures and has auto defrost so the unit does not fail. Most advanced models will have this as standard.

Size and Shape

Pool heat pumps need to be installed outdoors. While they can be incorporated into existing heating systems such as solar pool heating, options may be limited if there is not a lot of room to work with outside near your pool.

Noise Levels

Operating noise level is an important feature to consider when evaluating pool heat pumps. If your heat pump is going against a neighbours fence, consider if this is going to cause you any complaints. Most heat pumps these days are extremely quiet, even quieter than your filtration system, but it is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Low operating noise levels are a big selling point these days for manufacturers keeping consumer experience in mind, and they are all independently tested.

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Bonus Features

Having wifi as standard is a great feature to have, but don’t forget this is reliant on your wifi. If your heat pump is too far away from your house it may not reach.

Most of the heat pumps we offer come with optional extras like the Link, Switch or M Box.

These additional extras are great for customers who want full control of their heating from their phone from anywhere in the world. You can run diagnostics, change timer, temperature and much more just from the app.

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