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Heat pumps are the ideal pool heating solution if you are looking for year round swimming. We offer a range of heat pumps for all pool and spa sizes. The Heatseeker NovaMax pumps are a powerful and efficient way to enjoy a longer swim season.


The NovaMax heat pump is an advanced, powerful, and efficient way to heat your pool. It is easy to install and set up and offers great energy savings. The full-inverter technology provides COPs as high as 16 compared to the traditional On/Off pool heat pumps.

Heating and Cooling

Silent Running (30~40 dB)

High Efficiency: Max COP of 16

Running Air Temp: -10°C~43°C

Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger

Front Discharge

Intelligent Defrosting

Built-in Wifi for Smart APP Control

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost to Run?

The NovaMax Heat Pump provides low operating costs and delivers fantastic electrical savings. It will reduce your annual energy consumption by up to 30%

What Is Inverter Technology?

Similar to a variable speed swimming pool pump it maximises energy efficiency, keeping running costs down.

What Does COP Mean?

This is simply a way to measure energy efficiency, used to compare heat pump performance. The higher the COP the less energy used.

Eco Friendly R32 Refrigerant

Control your heat pump anytime from anywhere. Easily control and manage off the iOS & Android App

The variable speed compressor only draws the power it needs based on your pool heating requirements

Heating and cooling capabilities. Ideal for pools that get too hot during the summer months

The Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer


The Heatseeker NovaSwitch and NovaLink are ancillary products that assist in the primary operation of the heat pump. Heatseeker NovaLink is used for an all in one system for autonomous control of heat pumps in line with the filtration system. Heatseeker NovaSwitch is used for a plug and play automation unit recommended for heat pump systems with independent circulation pumps.

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