Solar Pool Heating Collectors NanoTek

The Most Advance Strip Solar Collector In The World

NanoTek Solar Pool Heating is Australian made and uses state of the art technology. Using the latest in material development, this is the most advanced multilayered composite solar heating strip collector available in the world.

A long life 15 year warranty a formulated to withstand harsh Australian conditions!

The special MAXBLACK outer surface absorbs 20% more incident solar radiation than standard solar collector. The Nano-Graphitic inner tubes then transfer the sun’s energy 30% quicker into 18% more water flowing through the large 8mm diameter tubes.

nanotek Solar Pool Heating Gold Coast
Nanotek pool heating

Solar Pool Heating Matting

The Pool Heating Company are the people to call for designs that make a difference. You will love our range of products and services delivered by a qualified team of experts who love their trade. We are based on the Gold Coast and work hard to reach customers far and wide. There’s nothing that we can’t handle. For installation of solar pool matting and solar pool heating collectors, we are the people to call.

Speak to us today about our range of services including installation, maintenance and more. Our solar range of pool heating equipment is amazing because it offers a low maintenance alternative to traditional automatic pumps. Customers will also love the cheap running costs that will save them a considerable amount on electricity bills. If that’s not enough, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by investing in a sustainable model that reduces the carbon footprint.

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