How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Pool water is circulated through the collector (sometimes also reffered to as pool solar matting) installed on your roof. The water is heated from the sun’s free energy as it travels through the solar collector and then returned to the pool and a higher temperature. You can control the temperature of the pool with a controller.
Solar pool heating is the most energy efficient pool heating options available on the market today. The cost of setup is typically less or comparable to installing a pool heat pump. The running costs are far lower as it is using the suns FREE energy to heat your pool.
Polar Solar Collector/Matting
The solar collector also known as solar matting, is the name given to the component of the solar pool heating system which collects solar energy. It is a network of pipes that run along your roof and transfers heat from incoming solar radiation into water passing them. Our range of Solar collectors are designed and manufactured in Australia using the latest in pool heating technology and have a life expectancy of 20 years.

How Much Solar Do I Need For My Pool?

We recommend 100% coverage, what this means is that you match each square meter of your pool’s surface area with the same coverage of solar on the roof. So if your pool’s surface area is 20 m squared, we would advise 20m to be installed on your roof. This will give you 100% coverage, maximising the heat absorption from the sun and ensuring the most efficient heat up time for your pool.

That Pool Heating Company Can Install Solar Heating For Your Pool.

That Pool Heating Company are pool heating specialists covering the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads & Toowoomba. We can help you with all pool heating requests, including solar, and heat pump heater installation, servicing, maintenance and repairs for everything from spas to lap pools. Call us today on 0416484599 or contact us online to find out how we can help.

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