Solar Pool Heating or Heat Pump?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether to go for Solar Pool Heating or Heat Pump to heat pool water.

What do you want from your pool? Do you want to swim all year round, or extend your swimming season? solar pool heating is dependent on the warmth of the sun. On the Gold Coast & Tweed Heads it should extend your swimming season to about 8/9months, even more if you have a pool cover.

A heat pump will keep the pool warm throughout the year, though it is worth noting that they do work a lot harder in cold windy weather and we strongly recommend a pool cover particulary if your pool is in a windy area.

Best Pool Heating Options

Another factor to consider is your set up. We offer free site visits to everyone thinking about pool heating. This is to answer any questions you may have, but also so we can check that your roof space gets enough sun for us to install solar pool heating, or for heat pumps for us to look at how much shade your pool gets during the day, how much wind it could be exposed to. This enables us to ensure the product you want to heat your pool is thr right model based on your individual requirements.

With solar pool heating, water is pumped from your pool through the collector or matting on the roof. The water is heated as it passes through. A roof can easily top 50oC on a hot day, so it is the ideal place to heat pool water. The suns energy is used to heat the water so it is free! The only running cost is for the pump to take the water to the roof.

heat pump takes heat from the air and converts it to heat energy, this is used heat your pool water. Our Heat pumps are extremely efficient, rated the most energy efficient on the market in Australia. But electricity is expensive and heat pumps will cost you more money to run than solar pool heating.

Both our heat pump and solar pool heating options come with a 10 year warranty.

For more information and to find out which is the right solution for you, call That Pool Heating Company

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