Time to Service your Pool Heater

Time to Service your Pool Heater!


It’s official, folks – autumn has arrived! And the lush greens of summer gradually transform into magnificent shades of ochre, red, and bronze. The scorching heat has finally subsided, and chilly breezes now give us a good reason to cuddle up in a cozy blanket. But let’s not forget, we’re on the Gold Coast! The tropical paradise that allows us to soak up the sun all year round. As the days grow shorter and winter approaches, let’s not forget to dust off our Pool Heaters as it’s high time to extend the swim season!

However, simply blowing the dust off of your pool heater isn’t all it takes to get your swimming pool heater back in action. Your pool heating system should be serviced regularly in order to keep it in good operating condition, but it is even more important to service it properly just before winter is upon us and the pool heating system is more in use than during any other time of the year.

So, what exactly does servicing your pool heating system entail? Before you heave a tired sigh at the thought of having to wear your overalls and spend hours trying to figure things out with only your toolbox for assistance— just read on, because we’ll tell you all you need to know about servicing your pool before the onset of winter, and you don’t have to worry because there’s not a lot of hard work involved!

Boss Celsius Pro Inverter Heat Pump

General Servicing Procedures for Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat pumps don’t normally require a great deal of servicing, because they’re relatively low-maintenance. So here’s a bunch of things you can do to get your pool heat pump ready for action, just before winter! Oh, and make sure you’ve shut off power before you start the cleaning process!

1. Hose Down The Coils!

Firstly, what and where are the coils in your heat pump? The coils are the metal vanes seen around the outside of the heater. The coils absorb heat from the outside air, and draw it into the heater, but they become less efficient when clogged with dirt or debris. A simple hosing down can unclog your coils, and restore them to working condition. You can work around the perimeter from the top to the bottom, and get the coils thoroughly cleaned. Make sure not to use a pressure washer, though, because it can bend the coil’s fins.

2. Clean the Fan Blades

Use a cleanser and a rag to clean off the tips of the fan blade, because they tend to develop dirty edges that can interfere with their speed of rotation, and consequently, the overall efficiency of the heat pump. If you notice a wobble in the fan blades, this can indicate a bad bearing, and will need looking into!

3. Remove Debris from the Inside

You can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the leaves and any other debris that may be clogging the bottom of your pool heat pump. Alternatively, you can just scoop out the muck with your fingers instead, which is the easier option even if it does mean getting your hands a little dirty. Make sure to clean out the side openings, so that rain doesn’t build up inside, and runs out the bottom instead.

4. Make Sure the Wiring Is As It Should Be!

It is important to ensure that the wiring from the breaker box is encased in a proper conduit with tight connections at both ends. Not only does this ensure your safety, it also ensures the proper operation of your heat pump. If you see any loose or chewed wiring (those darn rodents!), make sure you call in an electrician to get it properly repaired.

5. Inspect Your Refrigerant Line Insulation

The black foam insulation on the pipe can undergo deterioration over the years, which can result in reduced efficiency of your heat pump! You can replace the deteriorating insulation with new pipe insulation, instead. 


General Servicing Procedures for Gas Pool Heaters

While pool heat pumps are relatively low maintenance, gas pool heaters do require a bit more maintenance! Here’s how to make sure your gas pool heater is properly serviced in time for the winter season.

1. Cleaning the Heat Exchanger

Firstly, what and where is the heat exchanger in your gas pool heater, and what does it do? Your heat exchanger is a set of copper-finned tubes that can be found on top of the combustion chamber. It absorbs the heat from the burner tray which is located at the bottom of the combustion chamber.

You can remove the heater top to inspect the heat exchanger, and you can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any leaves or debris. You can also inspect the heat exchanger for any rodents or birds who may have decided that your heat exchanger is free real estate for them to build a lovely family home in!

If you notice soot or galvanic corrosion in the spaces between the tube coils, you can simply remove it with a wire brush to restore airflow.

2. Cleaning the Heater Floor

Debris, rust, and dust that may have accumulated at the bottom of the heater, under the burner tray, need to be removed in order to improve airflow and reduce corrosion.

You can remove this using a hand brush, or a wet/dry vacuum. Also, make sure you give the heater floor a thorough clean-up especially if you find birds or rodents nesting here as well!

3. Inspect the Heater for Leaks

Internal leaks in the gas pool heater can cause corrosion and lead to rusty components, wiring, and circuit boards. Very low pH water, or too much water flow, can lead to internal leaks in components like the pressure switch, header gaskets, drain plugs, etc.

4. Inspect the Wiring

Just as in the case of pool heat pumps, the wiring needs to be inspected for any loose ends. In case of any issues, make sure to call in an electrician to get it fixed!


General Servicing Tips for Pool Heating Systems

A few general heating system servicing tips are as follows:

  •         Remove any build-up of debris in the pool heater’s burner intake ports.
  •         Replace the burners if you notice any signs of fraying or corrosion.
  •         Clean out your filters!
  •         Make sure your pool skimmer is clean and unobstructed. 




Contact Us For Your Pool Heating System Servicing Needs!

We at the Pool Heating Company offer a wide range of quality products and services, from installation, servicing, and maintenance of your swimming pool heating systems.

If you have any questions about the best solar heating system and other pool accessories, don’t hesitate to contact our team! We can offer free advice and a quote to get you on your way to enjoying your pool all year round. Send us a message online or call 0416 484 599.

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Whenever you want quick, reliable help and support with your pool heating, whether it be servicing, repairs, a new install or a leak, call us. We can also provide insurance reports for hail damage.

We have completed over 100 solar pool heating installations in Queensland so you can be assured of our knowledge and expertise!


Happy swimming!

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